the hill in bloom

the hill in bloom

Well folks, it’s official... Capitol Hill is in bloom and  ohhhhh so beautiful right now. The peonies and garden roses are out of control, and I’m always reminded why I love our neighborhood so much when walking around this time of year. You know, before the 100% humidity and mosquitos take over in a few short weeks ;) 

Though it’s in my blood (looking at you, Mom!) I have not yet cultivated my green thumb. So far everything we’ve planted in our fully shaded little yard has... failed. But luckily for me our neighbors more than make up for it and I get to enjoy all the loveliest spring blooms on just a short walk around the block!

I think Emma is totally sick of walking with me this week because we have to stop every two or three houses so I can smell another perfect rose. I’ve decided that instead of posting 3+ instagrams a day -- sorry... have definitely been guilty of that this week! -- I’d share some pics on here of some of the pretty things I’ve been admiring lately. 

Hope you are having a lovely week and are also stopping to smell the roses! And the lilac, and the peonies, and the hyacinth...