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my best friend's wedding

Alix Stowers2 Comments
my best friend's wedding

This fall two of my very nearest and dearest friends, Maral and Brian, tied the knot! Along with lots of wonderful family and friends, I had the honor of helping with their flowers and wanted to share some photos and memories from their picture perfect celebration.

What I remember most about their wedding day was how filled with love it was from start to finish. Both Maral and Brian's families were amazing at helping pull everything together (though I don't think there has ever been a bride who took on more DIY tasks than Maral - the woman even baked her own three-tiered wedding cake!!). From the stunning venue to the gorgeous table settings, every detail was beautiful and a testament to the care and attention they put into planning their celebration. Also... just look at how CUTE they are!

OK - let's talk flowers :) I arrived that morning to a florist's dream. Maral purchased all her flowers and greens, processed them, and her family organized them by varietal in buckets on several long tables. She and Brian gave me full creative liberty - all I knew was that they needed a bridal bouquet, 8 bridesmaids bouquets, 2 bouquets for their moms, and boutonnieres for Brian, their dads and all the groomsmen. There were buckets upon buckets of white roses, stock, Veronica (my fave), orchids, babies breath, and all kinds of fabulous greenery to work with. 

***Special shout out here to Richard and all the groomsmen who helped strip the roses and blow them open to make sure they were as large and fabulous as possible!***


All the little bridesmaids bouquets lined up and ready to be wrapped in ribbon!


Richard was the best assistant - patiently taking test shots of the bridal bouquet for me all morning so I could make sure it would photograph just right.

Bouts being pinned! Brian was nervous about having comically large boutonnieres (totally fair concern!) so I did my best to make sure they were as subtle and simple as possible; they were mostly greenery wrapped in natural twine with small pearl pins.

All the guys and gals with all their pretty flowers!

Can we talk about how sweet their first look was?? It was SO difficult not to post 1,000 photos of this day so even if you're already thinking this is a pretty long post... just know it could have been much longer ;)

(Can we also talk about Justin's photography skills and the way he captured the light hitting the bouquet? In the words of Rachel Zoe... I. Die.)

I can't take credit for the beautiful tables (go Mama Rose and Becca with all that pretty greenery!) but I couldn't help share a few shots of how stunning it all was. And do you see that CAKE??


Thank you so much for trusting me to help with your and Brian's beautiful day, Maral! I had so much fun and will treasure the memories of your wedding for years to come. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two in California!!


Venue: Inn at the Old Silk Mill
Photographer: Justin Kunimoto