the bee's knees

the bee's knees

With the sweltering D.C. heat and humidity already on the rise, I think it's the perfect time of year to share my favorite cocktail recipe. (Though I definitely support year-round enjoyment of this one!)

I first tried the bee's knees at a party up in New York -- there was a GREAT bartender and I asked him to make me something delicious with gin and well, the rest is history. Plus, how could you not like a drink that's called the bee's knees?! It's adorable and I now want all my drinks to have similarly silly names. Is the cat's meow a drink yet? If not, it should be. But I digress!

I recently had my lovely friend and amazingly talented photographer Maral over for a drink and had to introduce her to my favorite! (Thank you, Maral for all the photos!!!) Scroll down for instructions and the super simple recipe. Cheers!

One of the best parts of this drink is how easy it is to make! All you need is gin, honey, and lemon juice. It would normally recommend using fresh squeezed lemon juice but we had this is in the fridge and it was a-o-k!

The first thing you have to do is make the honey water, which is basically just equal parts honey and warm water. Stir together with a fork and the most complicated part is done! Then you're going to add one part honey water, one part lemon juice and 2 parts gin to a shaker filled with ice.

Last step is to shake it all up and pour! Thanks also to Maral for these beautiful glasses she and Brian got me for my birthday!!! I'm obsessed and they are perfect for enjoying a cold bee's knee's :)

Photo of Emma, cross legged and watching, for good measure.